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Surviving academia

Scholars with disabilities
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This community is intended to be a meeting place for scholars with disabilities, with a focus on physical disability, visible or not. This includes mainly those who have completed (or are in the process of completing) a Master's or Ph.D., though upper-level undergraduates are also welcome. The moderator is an ABD in Linguistics who uses a power wheelchair.

The focus on physical disabilities is not meant to exclude; all scholars with disabilities are welcome. We believe, however, that scholars with physical disabilities may face different kinds of challenges.

Some of the issues explored here include:

- access to academic conferences, including finding personal care assistance
- managing collegial relationships and physical limitations/needs
- dealing with being intelligent and the burden of others' low expectations
- having patience if we are smarter than those we depend on
- balancing time for physical needs and scholarly research
- making first impressions and building a reputation in the academic community
- maintaining control and respect in the classroom

Colleagues and mentors of scholars with disabilities are also welcome, as long as your comments are respectful. When you join, please introduce yourself within 24 hours using the following questionnaire (elaboration is fine, of course):

1. Gender:
2. Age:
3. Degrees obtained:
4. Current position:
5. Do you have a disability? If not, why are you interested in this group?
6. Academic interests
7. Other interests
8. If you have a disability, what is the most challenging thing you have faced regarding disability in the academic world? If you don't have a disability, what issue do you think is most vital in dealing with disability in academia?
9. Other comments?