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Surviving · academia


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Hi All! :)
1. Gender:
2. Age:
3. Degrees obtained:
None, yet...I'm studying Literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz.
4. Current position:
I'm a freshman.
5. Do you have a disability? If not, why are you interested in this group?
I've been totally blind since birth.
6. Academic interests
Literature and psychology...But when I found out you have to do Pre-Calculus to be a Psych major, let's just say that my interest in literature expanded exponentially. :) I don't like math!
7. Other interests
Writing novels, reading, singing, socializing with family and friends, etc.
8. If you have a disability, what is the most challenging thing you have faced regarding
disability in the academic world? If you don't have a disability, what issue do you
think is most vital in dealing with disability in academia?
I don't like to think of my disability as something that poses challenges, but rather as another small part of who I am as a person...But let's face it: sometimes there are problems...I'd have to say that obtaining materials in accessible format is probably the most trying thing, although the Disability Resource Center at UCSC is flipping amazing and totally accommodating. Either that or trying to learn a new campus and a new schedule every quarter!
9. Other comments?
I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. Comment here or on my LJ and say hi, if you want...I'd love to meet you and be friends.
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